Important information!

Dear guests and partners

We are sad to inform you, that on the 4th of October 2016, Vacasol became subject to bankruptcy proceeding by order of the Bankruptcy Court under the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen. Finn Lynge Jepsen, attorney-at-law, from Elmann Law firm was appointed as liquidator of the insolvent estate.

All efforts are concentrated on finding a solution, which secures the activities in the bankrupted company. New information about the status of these efforts will be provided when available.

Meanwhile new bookings will not be accepted. For pending bookings clients are advised to submit an e-mail to: for further guidance.
Please read the below Q&A to assist for general questions.

We apologize and are all very sad of this inconvenience.

Q & A

I am a guest and have made a booking, but still have not made a payment, what do I do?

If you have made a booking with us, but have still not made a payment, your booking will be cancelled with the local agency and you have the possibility to make a new booking with another portal or company.

I am a guest and have made a booking and payment, what happens now?

Please contact the local agency, which is stated on your voucher (under Contacts) They will inform you, if your booking has been paid by us or not:

My booking has been paid: You arrange everything regarding your stay directly with the local agency.

My booking has not been paid: We ask you to contact your bank and ask for the possibility of withdrawing your payment, in case this is not possible, please contact your insurance agency to check, if your travel insurance has a coverage for bankruptcy incidents.

I am a local agency and have received bookings from Vacasol, what do I do now?

For the bookings where you have received your payment, please carry on the booking, but with direct contact to the guest to arrange any changes etc.
For the bookings where you have not been paid: Please contact the guests directly and arrange the payment with them, if the guest has already paid to Vacasol, then please ask them to check if they can withdraw this payment and make it directly to you or ask them to contact their insurance company to find out, if they have any coverage in bankruptcy incidents.

What did you do with my money?

Payment conditions (amounts and due dates) towards the local partner agencies are not the same as the payment conditions for you as customer. That means that in most cases, the amount that you pay to Vacasol for a rental is not being sent immediately and directly to the local partner office.

Vacasol’s financial model is the same as for most other businesses: money is earned, and money is paid out. The business aim is to ensure that the incoming money is at least equal to money going out in bills and expenses. Changing economic conditions have contributed decisively to the fact that unfortunately, despite Vacasol’s efforts to improve its financial position, the business goal cannot be achieved anymore.

The appointed liquidator Finn Lynge Jepsen, attorney-at-law, from Elmann Lawfirm in Copenhagen will among other things look into these matters and investigate the company’s cash flow and other economical transactions. Findings of irregularities is to be handled by the appointed liquidator.

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